Magic Trick

Out of the deep black hole of a top hat
A white rabbit appeared—center stage

Stunned at such a scene,
I clapped, alone
in an empty auditorium
a soft, yellow light
Shining above me

Like a little girl,
I sat, cross‑legged
on the floor
Awaiting, hungry for more

The rabbit hopped about the stage
He leapt through an aerial hoop
He twirled batons ablaze

And somehow, he never fell
somehow, he never burned
But my eyes got lost in the acrobatic flips
And my face burned in the heat of the fire

With his last flip,
He landed—center stage
And took a deep bow
To thank the crowd

I clapped again
Like a little girl,
And I sat, cross-­legged
on the floor
Awaiting, hungry for more

before I could realize it,
He’d gone
as quickly as he’d come

And with him
my soft, yellow light

In nothingness, I sat
In nothingness, I prayed
For his return
with my hands
in my lap

Seconds, minutes, hours
crept by
As the darkness swiped my smile,
Stripped my patience, my pride
And finally—my hope.

My prayers were answered
From the sky fell the rabbit,
the hoops, the smoke, the fire
and a blinding white Light that drowned
everything out

Where the rabbit once stood,
Now a gruesome jackalope took his place
with eyes of red licorice
and teeth of black tar

A scream escaped my lips
at the sight
All magic was gone
Only a monster—
a menacing monster

He leapt and danced for me again
While the lightning had given me back
the Animal
and the Light
When I darted my eyes away,
Breaking the trance,
I found

my knees

on the ground

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