Sitting in a field,
I see the sun,
blazing, bright
My figure casts a great shadow
dark, against the dying grass
I see it, but I feel…

There’s no warmth
on my skin
on my face

The chatter, the laughter, the noise
It passes through me,
An empty room–
their voices
echo inside of me

I float above them
high above them

I see their faces
I smell their sweat,
the smoke, the cheap beer
the Fear

I want to touch them
all of them
If only to get a chance
just one chance
to touch you

But here I stay

Scanning the crowd
for your eyes
for your laugh

You are everywhere
and you are nowhere
all the time
all the time

All the time I’ve lost
looking for you–
I want it back.

You swept in
like a whirl of wind
and took it
and left–
No looking back.
You left my eyes

But for your speed,
you could not avoid leaving behind
your scent—that smoke
It lingers
in my clothes
in my hair
I can taste it on my tongue
Your kiss
Your sun
that warmth from your hands
on my hands
Your shoulder beneath my cheek
in that embrace,
Albeit short

I saw you then
and gave you a peek,
Cracked open the door
Wanting, but afraid
to let you in
to let you see

one breath

Before I pulled away
one breath
Before you ran away

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