Lost Boy

I didn’t see him coming
It’s like
I ran right into him
In my distracted state
In my selfish despair
I never saw him coming

Truth be told—
He took me by surprise
I never thought he would be the one
To stop me in my tracks

But there he stood
Tenacious, unwavering
What was it about me?
I wonder
To make him move
In my direction?
What was it about me?
That lured him in?

I thought—
I thought he was someone else
He presented as such a man
From a distance

But, up close, he was
Just a boy
A boy lost in the woods
Deaf to the call of the mockingbird
Blind to the light of the stars

He intrigues me
His eyes avoid me
In them, I see
My reflection
I see
My nightmare, incarnate

“How did you get here, boy?”
I ask,
But receive an empty stare
An empty glare

There is a veil between us
Sheer and paper thin
And stretching for miles before him
How did he get there?
How did I get here?

I want to reach out
I want to help him
Guide him
“Follow me, join me on my path,”
I beckon

But he cannot see
But he cannot hear

In his eyes, there are only ghosts
A haunting of a past

I want to touch it
Heal it
With the heat of my hands
The veil is heavy to lift

So he stays on his side
And I, on mine
Together we wander
In the same direction,
But close enough touch
Until I break
My pace quickening with the beat of my heart
Before the nightmare consumes me, again

And he stops,
Standing there, alone
Hand clutching the screen
Watching me leave
His lips are sealed
His mouth is shut, silent
And in his eyes, as the distance grows
I think, I see a glimpse
Of red embers glowing

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