About Mabel


Welcome to my blog. This has been a loooooooooong time coming and I’m so excited to step into my creative power (as my coach Hannah says) and share this with all of you.

I think I was about five when I found my first love in the power of written words. My mother (a truly hopeless romantic) used to read me Neruda poems before bed and I was moved by the emotion I could see in her eyes as she read the beautiful lines aloud. Of course, I had no real understanding of their meaning, but I had an intuitive connection to the influence they held. I was hooked.

School taught me how to create my own words, how to string them together to tell stories and make rhymes and rhythms. I would daydream other worlds and universes and eventually started keeping my own journals with poems and lyrics and pieces that moved me–all intertwined with my own original musings and doodles.

Somewhere along the way, it turned into more than just creative play, it also became my escape. My journals were the only places where I felt I could truly express what I felt, in ways that were unfiltered and didn’t need to make sense to anyone else but me. Pen and paper became the vehicle through which my soul could speak most clearly. This all sounds like a huge blessing–a gift even. However, a strange thing developed around the same time: writing was such a personal, private experience that it wasn’t long before I developed the belief that my musings were meant for my eyes only. This belief created particular boundaries around what I could share and couldn’t (I majored in English in college so I was always writing and sharing work with professors and classmates), but there was a part of myself, an innermost part that I kept hidden away in the pages of my journals or the confines of my wandering mind. There is no regret here, no shame..now. I am of the firm belief that there is no wrong or right way to do art of any kind. However, in the last year, my soul has felt a shift in purpose. And now, I find myself being called to share this piece of my soul with you. It’s taken a lot of different experiences and soul searching and courage to make it here. Yes, it is just a blog, nothing fancy or anything, but for me, it’s a grand opening.

I welcome you to read and connect with what you will and leave what you don’t. My wish for this new chapter is that it may move you to connect or write or create whatever your heart and soul call out for you.

Love, light, and gratitude.


xo Mabel